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Safety and Security is the number one priority at The G2 Academy.  G2 students live in a prestigious, gated and secure golf community. Each G2 golf cottage features four bedrooms and four bathrooms, along with ample lounge areas for the students to rest and relax after their day of learning and training.  The G2 Academy’s housing model, just like the other aspects of the G2 Proprietary training program, mirrors the experience girls will have when they play golf at the collegiate level. They receive the added supervision and care required to prepare for the independent environment they’ll enter as a college golfer.  

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What is it like living with all girls?


 The all-girl setting allows G2 students to flourish in their growth and development.  


The support, encouragement and company of like minded student athletes is what allows them to prosper.


The friendships grow and develop into a deeper level in boarding, creating lifelong bonds.  


G2 Girls learn about different cultures and experience worldwide travel as the invitations to visit with their G2 friends are plentiful.  

Our residential program encourages girls to take accountability and responsibility for their own living and learning, while still providing support, supervision and encouragement.