Flexibility, strength and endurance



G2 Girls are student-athletes.  


The G2 fitness training program prepares them to perform to their potential.  

"We're excited to have developed a fitness program that addresses the progressively evolving needs of young female athletes.  As they mature physically, socially, and emotionally, the impact that has on their long term athletic development is critical.", Sebastian Brown - Director of Strength and Conditioning.  

G2 students are prepared through their fitness training program to perform their best on the course and be prepared for the rigors of college golf.   Our individual and team workout programs create awareness for proper body motion, strength, added flexibility and increased club head speed.   


Prepare your bodies for the rigors associated with the amount of practice and play required to be great at golf.  We use soft-tissue health , sore strengthening, posture correction and joint stability exercises to reduce risk of injury.


Utilizing the Titleist Performance Institues concept of the "Body-Swing Connection" which involves screening for physical limitations that may be causing inefficiencies in the golf swing and identifying injury inducing swing mechanics, to optimize your performance on the course.


Develop a proficiency of physical fitness so when its time to start college you can jump right into their strength and conditioning program probably ahead of the curve. This will allow you to excel athletically and maximize your experience in competition.


This involves preparing student-athletes to become independendt through education and developing an understanding of key health fitness, and nutrition principles.  Students should have an understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses and how to structure their personal workouts and nutrition regimes.   


Highest level of TPI Certification

Fitness Track

Medical Track

Junior Golf Track

Certified Functional Strength Coach

As a former junior golf academy student, and collegiate golfer,

I am now a dedicated golf fitness professional excited to help

G2 Girls optimize their physical potential as golfers! I believe great

athletes make great golfers and G2 training uses sports

science principles to develop well-rounded athleticism that

lends itself well to the game of golf.

I enjoy helping aspiring golfers maximize their potential

after experiencing the powerful improvement fitness and nutrition had

on my own game as a junior golfer. I’ve recognized golfs evolution into a

power sport and understand that the golfers of the future must be all around great athletes who bring strength and power to the game. With

so many forms of fitness (bodybuilding, powerlifting, crossfit, yoga, sports

performance, general fitness) it can be very confusing for young aspiring

golfers. G2 provides quality Strength & Conditioning based on both

scientific evidence and practical experience to help golfers navigate their

way to a healthier and more functional body for golf.

Earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science while playing on the Men’s

Golf Team at Lander University, I also hold the highest level of certification

with the Titleist Performance Institute in their Fitness tracks, as well as

completing courses in their Medical and Junior golf tracks.


As a Certified Functional Strength Coach, one of my main core values is to provide high quality program design using the most current, evidence-led, experience based principles in the industry to develop athletes and prevent injuries.



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