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Bluffton, SC 

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G2 Girls are student-athletes.  

The G2 fitness training program prepares them to perform to their potential.  

Noelle Seman

Director of Fitness and Nutrition

Noelle Seman is a fitness and nutritionist enthusiast, as well as a mother of 3 young boys 14,12 and 9.    Noelle is  an NASM  certified trainer who has been in the fitness industry for 16 years as a personal trainer and a competitive figure competitor.  Her drive to stay fit and healthy comes from wanting to be the best role model she could be for my 3 sons.   Noelle understands that "behaviors are caught NOT taught".   and junior athletes are soaking up good habits.  The confidence and self esteem Noelle observes student-athletes gain throughout our training inspires me to continue to help young athletes.  

Noelle began focusing on training youth athletes after watching her son's and their peers on their practice fields.  

"I witnessed many passionate athletes wanting to excel in their sports but lacked the guidance on how to properly use and fuel their bodies.   I realized that the majority of coaches could teach their athletes and players how to " play the game".  But they couldn't make them "STRONGER to the play game"!  I don't mean Hulk strong, but I do mean core strong, injury prevention strong, and of course confidence strong!  Its been amazing to see kids develop physically and mentally.  Especially when they learn to believe in themselves!"

Noelle creates individualized programs for all G2 athletes. By training them daily, she creates accountability, she attends training and tournaments, educates them on how to use their bodies and motivating them to live a healthy lifestyle by creating great habits.

 Noelle, the Fitness and Nutrition Program are essential to developing the complete athlete.