Three Factors Create a Great Golfer

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Having  supportive family and friends is one of the most important factors when examining what makes a golfer great. Being positive and constructive in their support can determine the rapidness of players’ development. Individually, parents can inspire their children to develop a lifelong love of the game. Friends offer the support of playing with someone of a similar age and competition which may encourage a lifelong love of the game. The happiness of the player should always be the main focus, from a supportive aspect, people must reflect on how their own actions contribute to the players happiness. From a parental perspective, giving your children the opportunity to learn for themselves, and for you to be there as their confidant is pivotal. Support them. Listen to them. Don’t try to solve every problem for them. Give them the guidance so they can work through problems for themselves. This strengthens their independence and resilience.  Overcoming challenges is a trait of successful people from all walks of life.