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Young women deserve the same opportunities as young men.

G2’s mission is to level the playing field. 

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The Why

Young women deserve a program that is exclusively designed for them. That is why we started The G2 Academy. Through research, G2 created specific training methods

designed to maximize effectiveness in all aspects of growth and development.

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The G2 mission is to provide a comprehensive program designed to build well rounded young women ready for the rigors of college golf and the challenges presented to this new generation of female leaders.

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The Program

 The G2 model program provides an atmosphere for learning that is focused and minimizes distractions so expectations become achievable.  Our female centric system maximizes the performance in all training disciplines.

Full Time Boarding, Summer Training and Custom Training offered year round.

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The Team

The G2 Academy leadership team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise with a strong student focus.  The team is committed to providing G2 students with a supportive, educational, and positive environment that will impact and motivate their growth and development. 

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Empowering our students is the G2 mission.  We want our students to be productive and confident in their role on and off the course.  We are creating the next leaders of their generation who will make a difference in the world.

Along with empowerment, G2 students learn how to lead and have an impact on others' lives through actions and doing.  Through meeting women in business and the G2 Leadership curriculum, G2 students will receive hands on experience as they build their leadership skills and impact others' lives.


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Custom Program

offering weekly and multi-week programs spend time with your family and attend g2.



summer training program covering all aspects of your game.


tournament competition

The G2 students play on the Peggy Kirk Bell Golf Tour, which offers affordable, high-quality nationally ranked girls’ golf tournaments designed to prepare junior girls’ golfers for high school and collegiate golf. The PKBGT is in its 13th season and has experienced unprecedented growth. Participation on the tour has grown to over 900 members with multi- day events regularly featuring between 60 to 90 girls.

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