own your future.

Leadership is defined as “the action of leading a group of people or an organization”. (Oxford Dictionary).
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What does leadership mean to G2 Academy?    


It is our mission. 

It means providing female junior golfers exemplary examples of female leaders. 

It means building their confidence to impact others' lives.

It means giving them the right tools to succeed.

It means helping them with their vision, their goals and their dreams.

It means preparing young females for the rigors of College Golf.

It means creating the next generation of female leaders and CEOs.  

It means allowing girls to have the ability to own their future.  

The G2 mission is to provide a comprehensive program designed to build a well rounded young women ready for the rigors of college golf and the challenges presented to this new generation of female leaders.


The leadership curriculum has monthly themes, such as

  • Team First

  • Identity

  • Purpose

  • Thriving

  • Vision and Action

  • Empowered

  • Composed

  • On Target

  • Present

  • Next Chapter

The program builds confidence, teaches skills and shows real life examples of woman in leadership roles. It entails our students being involved in the community and giving back. Our students have the ability to interact monthly with successful female leaders and they will learn about leadership and what it means to impact the lives of others.  This will assist them as they go on to receive scholarships to colleges and universities of their choice and prepare them for the world beyond.

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