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The brain and mind are two of the most complicated features of the human system.  Learning how to use them to your advantage is essential for achieving your goals and success.   Properly preparing for the mental aspects and challenges of the game enables you to perform on the course and in the pressure of competition

At G2 we believe in empowering our students to reach and expand their potential.  The G2 Academy provides junior golfers with coaching that is geared towards helping them develop not only their golf games but also strong mindsets and mental game strategies that will serve them on the course, as they progress through their golf careers, and in life

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Learning the information from an adaptive curriculum as well as learning to understand themselves better.  Topics include goal setting, mindset management, resiliency training, skill transfer, mental flexibility, building sustainable confidence, training cycles and more.


Encompasses integrating the key pieces of what has been learning into their life and onto the course.  To "Live it" requires accountability and self-discipline in order to manage and bring their plan to life.  They begin to own their development through value driven committed actions.


Leading involves increased autonomy and independence and understanding that with it brings more accountability.  Leading shows a commitment to learning and living which allows that person to inspire others to do the same and be a part of building a High Performance culture at G2. 


Most importantly, the mental performance program is designed to help the students compete at the highest level with maximum results.  They apply what they have learned in training to competition, with  confidence and belief in their ability to perform.

Skylar Jewell


MS in Kinesiology, Sports and Exercise Psychology


I find empowering individuals to become better problem solvers to be indelibly rewarding​.

Since the age of five I have always had a passion for the game of golf, as I grew older I also found a passion in helping others to explore potential. After discovering sport and performance psychology, and seeing the difference it made at the elite and olympic level, I realized how empowering and fulfilling the work can be. I also recognized the opportunity of incorporating these strategies at the foundational level as a catalyst to growth and development. Working at a golf academy at the junior golf level is a dream and compliments

each of my passions.  Although mental performance is often recognized as an invisible area and difficult to measure growth in, I believe the contrary. Working to illuminate and show progress over time in mental performance is highly motivating for an athlete. It is my mission to empower others with knowledge and tools to be able to independently solve their greatest problems and challenges while leading a rich and meaningful life.

Over the past 6 years I have enjoyed being involved in the world of elite junior golf academies. The impacts of creating more robust golfers, focusing on problem solving and resilience, has shown me the short and long term effects of this work and its impact on  establishing people of passion, purpose and character.

"Things are a lot easier to accomplish once you realize that you're not a product of your past but a solution to your future."

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