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Bluffton, SC 

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The G2 Academy Performance team has the knowledge, experience and passion to uphold the mission of G2 Academy - to provide an effective training model for young females in all components of golf, while simultaneously empowering them to become the next generation of leaders.

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Matt Fields is a Pinehurst, NC native whose golf career spans over twenty years.


As the former Director of Golf for the International Junior Golf Academy, Matt has worked alongside top instructors including Gary Gilchrist, Hank Haney and Peter Krause. During his time in the academy industry Matt has coached and mentored both national and international elite junior golfers.

"The great women who changed the world didn't do it by waving magic wands. They didn't accomplish their goals because they were born talented.  They achieved their goals and more, through hard work, effort and determination.   That's what I expect from G2 Academy Students."  


Over one hundred championships worldwide have been won by Matt’s students. Among the multitude of talented golfers Matt has instructed are professionals Morgan Hoffmann, ShanShan Feng, Richy Werenski, Amelia Lewis, Stephanie Meadow and 2017 Masters low amateur Stewart Hagestad.


Matt’s vast knowledge of swing mechanics and exceptional interpersonal skills provide the ideal level of support and guidance desired for his students to reach their full potential.

Throughout his career Matt has traveled internationally educating coaches and developing golf training programs. Matt has been featured in numerous highly distinguished golf publications as well as appearances on the Golf Channel.


Matt is a hard worker dedicated to the game of golf and passionate about developing golfers.  

“I am very excited to be joining the G2 family and returning to Hilton Head under the leadership of Ray Travaglione and Ryley Hendry. My experiences over the last 20 years have prepared me to contribute to achieving the vision Ray and Ryley have established for the academy. I look forward helping girls achieve their goals and being a part of their leadership development on and off the course. G2 is a totally new platform for female junior golfers, and I can’t wait to be a part of the female centric training system that is long overdue in the industry. Female golfers deserve a program tailored to their specific needs as athletes, and I am excited to be involved in this innovative, new all-girls academy.” states Fields.

Nicole Lu, UNC

on Matt Fields

Carolin Schart, Stetson Uni. on Matt Fields

Ryley Hendry on Matt Fields

Lauren Tashman

Director of Mental Performance

Dr. Lauren S. Tashman, CMPC©is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC©) with the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP), providing mental performance coaching and leadership advising to clients worldwide.  

Lauren works with athletes to help them use their minds to their advantage and develop and hone leadership skills. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from The College of New Jersey, and her Master’s and PhD degrees in Educational Psychology with a major in Sport Psychology from Florida State University. Lauren has worked for over 10 years with a variety of sports, such as golf, softball, baseball, gymnastics, soccer, rowing, swimming and diving, tennis, basketball, and volleyball at a variety of levels including youth, collegiate, recreational, professional, and national/Olympic.  In addition, she provides supervision/mentoring for individuals pursuing AASP CMPC©and is the Mental Performance Coach for Canada’s Women’s National Softball Team. 

Previously, Lauren was an Associate Professor in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology (SEPP) as well as Coordinator of the SEPP master’s program at Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida. She also served as the Coordinator of Sport Psychology Services, providing mental performance coaching to the Barry athletes, coaches, and teams as well as supervising the 

master’s students with their practicum experiences. She has conducted research and assisted with graduate student research on a variety of topics, such as burnout and perfectionism in coaching, case-based approaches to training in sport, exercise, and performance psychology, coaches’ perceptions of athlete leadership, and athletes’ perspectives on vision and cognitive-perceptual training.


During her PhD, she was very fortunate to have a graduate research assistantship in cognitive psychology led by world-renowned cognitive psychologist Dr. K. Anders Ericsson. She has published peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, has presented and done workshops and seminars for various conferences and groups nationally and internationally, and co-edited two books published by Routledge: “Becoming a Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology Professional: a Global Perspective” (2014) and “Global Practices and Training in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology” (2016).


Noelle Seman

Director of Fitness and Nutrition

Noelle Seman is a fitness and nutritionist enthusiast, as well as a mother of 3 young boys 14,12 and 9.    Noelle is  an NASM  certified trainer who has been in the fitness industry for 16 years as a personal trainer and a competitive figure competitor.  Her drive to stay fit and healthy comes from wanting to be the best role model she could be for my 3 sons.   Noelle understands that "behaviors are caught NOT taught".   and junior athletes are soaking up good habits.  The confidence and self esteem Noelle observes student-athletes gain throughout our training inspires me to continue to help young athletes.  

Noelle began focusing on training youth athletes after watching her son's and their peers on their practice fields.  

"I witnessed many passionate athletes wanting to excel in their sports but lacked the guidance on how to properly use and fuel their bodies.   I realized that the majority of coaches could teach their athletes and players how to " play the game".  But they couldn't make them "STRONGER to the play game"!  I don't mean Hulk strong, but I do mean core strong, injury prevention strong, and of course confidence strong!  Its been amazing to see kids develop physically and mentally.  Especially when they learn to believe in themselves!"

Noelle creates individualized programs for all G2 athletes. By training them daily, she creates accountability, she attends training and tournaments, educates them on how to use their bodies and motivating them to live a healthy lifestyle by creating great habits.

 Noelle, the Fitness and Nutrition Program are essential to developing the complete athlete.