An inspirational woman!

Freshman G2 Girl Maya Beasley was fortunate enough to attend the Low Country Speaking Series with G2 Fitness Performance Coach Noelle Seaman. The speaker that evening was none other than Dr. Codoleezza Rice. Maya and Noelle joined hundreds of others on Hilton Head Island listen to Dr. Rice and to celebrate Maya's 15th birthday.

We asked Maya how her evening went.......

On January 14th which just so happened to be my birthday I had the amazing opportunity to see

and listen to Condoleezza Rice Speak in a series at Marriott hotels in Hilton Head South

Carolina. I was just completely fascinated by the whole experience and how someone can come

from a community that belittled her as a black woman to becoming one of the most respected

woman in America. All of her stories and experiences were just so amazing and to just even have

a fourth of those experiences would be and experience of a life time. She is a woman that I didn’t

know that much about before going to listen to her speak. I think that she’s a woman that teenage

girls should know and respect because she has done so many wonderful things for our country,

woman, and education. Listening to her speak was an amazing start to the new decade and just a

wonderful opportunity in general.

Maya is correct, she had an amazing opportunity to listen to a very accomplished, successful women who inspired her!

No photos were allowed to be taken at the event, so we will share Maya with her latest trophy!

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