College Recruitment Rules

Are you familiar with the rules for college recruitment in women's golf?

In the recruiting world, the date of September 1st is of utmost importance. This is when the real communication with coaches can begin.

Prior to September of your Junior Year (grade 11), you can reach out to coaches, but they can not call or email you in return.

Off-campus contact is allowed starting July 1 after your junior year.

In 2018, it was determined by the NCAA that there wasn’t enough time for student-athletes to make their decisions, so they created the following changes to create more time for student-athletes to make their decision.

The new rules state:

  • Official Visits can begin the September 1st of Junior Year (versus the past rule of first day of classes - Senior Year)

  • Athletes can't participate in the unofficial visits until September 1st of Junior Year (versus no limit in past)

  • Recruiting conversations during a school’s camp or clinic can’t happen before Sept. 1 of the player's junior year.

What does this mean for you?

You will have more time to use official visits.  

In the past many students would complete unofficial visits, then commit to a school - then they'd have the ability to do an official visit to the school they committed to.   This new rule change will give an extra year to use official visits for their true purpose before you commit to a school.  Remember in golf you can make up to five official visits!

You will not be able to use camps or clinics for recruiting conversations with coaches before you Junior Year.  

This will help alleviate the early commitments but, also removes a communication path that was previously available.  

Recruiting Calendar


  • Questionnaires

  • Camp Information

  • NCAA Materials

  • Non-athletic materials

Sophomore Year

  • Brochures for camps

  • Questionnaires

  • NCAA materials

  • Non-athletic materials

Note - College Coaches cannot call you during your sophomore year. No Off Campus Contact, No Official Visits, No Unofficial Visits.

Junior Year

  • Sept. 1 - All forms of electronic correspondence permissible

  • Sept. 1 - You can receive recruiting materials

  • You make make calls to the coach at your expense, and they can call you after Sept. 1 (Like we said, you'll want to remember that September 1 date!)

  • July 1st after your Junior Year - Off-Campus contact is allowed

  • Sept. 1 - You're allowed to start taking official visits and unofficial visits (with the exception of the dead period)

Senior Year

  • Off-Campus contact is allowed.

  • Official Visits are allowed

  • Unlimited Unofficial Visits (except during the dead period)

Bonus Question Answered - How often can a coach see or speak to you off the college's campus?

A college coach may contact you or your family members not more than three times before you sign your NLI. After you sign an NLI, written offer or admission and/or financial aid; OR after the college receives a financial deposit from you there's no limit on contacts and evaluation.

Have more questions about the college recruiting timeline or the process in general?

We're happy to help! Email Ryley -! She's a former Division I Golfer and All-American, and has helped/continues to help junior golfers with the College Placement Process.