Friend of G2 - Belen Mozo discusses how to make your kids stick with golf!

Originally posted on, LPGA superstar Belen Mozo discusses in her own words why a golf specific training program worked for her, what it taught her and why it helped her stick with golf.

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Belen Mozo visits The G2 Academy

My partnership with G2 Academy, the ALL GIRLS only boarding school in the US, fills me with joy. I am very proud to be selected as part of the team and to have the opportunity to serve as a mentor to these young girls. To learn more about the Academy and the golf training CLICK HERE.

Hi guys,

As you guys know from my latest blog post Mental State during this Shitty Phase” (click here to read); I am working hard on every aspect of my golf game but also making sure I spend time doing other things that fulfill me. And today I want to talk to you about a new project I will be involved with and I think you guys will love to learn about. 

A big percentage of my fanbase is parents that love the game of golf and would love to pass it along to their kids. If you are one, you will find this blog very interesting.

I am very active on social media, and I am always going back and forth with your questions and remarks. But there is one subject that always comes up: how to give your kids the opportunity to play the game of golf.

Parents often ask me, how can I make my kid love golf? How did your parents do to make you stick with golf? My daughter likes golf but I cannot make her practice and or play enough? 

I never felt obliged to play golf, all my parents did was set me up in a very healthy environment where golf played a huge role. That scenario made me stick to golf. But the feeling became stronger when at age 13, I went to a sport school in Madrid where I could train, study and compete around other athletes my age from all over the country. Having the opportunity to be surrounded by people with the same interests, made me grow not only as an athlete but also as a person. Specially during that phase in your life where being different from the mainstream might not be as easy and formidable as we may now know. It was definitely crucial for my future as a pro golfer to make use of that program designated to my needs. At the academy, I had the school, gym, practice facilities, coaches, a place to sleep and hang out with other athletes and sport physiologist; all at arms reach. 

If you ask me, a great way of making sure your kid grows fond of golf or any other sport is by giving them the opportunity to measure themselves against other kids their age doing the same thing they do. Giving them the facilities they need at arms length from where they sleep and study. Otherwise, if they are not extremely committed to the sport they might get distracted with non-sport activities. In my case I was easily drawn to the party and hang outs with friends, since that was considered normal where I grew up. None of my friends were very committed to sports, so being different sometimes was hard for me. But when I went to Madrid, having all these other athletes around me doing the same thing I did made me understand and value the opportunity I had.

I am at a point in my career where I take pride and joy interacting as the vehicle between parents and kids and their future goals. I know how satisfying it is to have someone there to act as a beacon for help, guidance or even mental support. 

As there are different academies in the US and other countries that could fit your kid’s profile, there is one especifically that I want to share with you guys and talk to you about.

The academy is called G2 and it is the only ALL GIRLS academy in the US. I have mentioned it before on my social media accounts, but I want to go a bit deeper this time. (Especially because summer camp is around the corner and I have the scoop of the golf program and its looking amazing. )The G2 academy is a learning atmosphere where young female golfers will have all the resources they need to make their dreams come true. Whether it is to turn pro or get a scholarship in a Division I or II college in the US, the G2 academy is the perfect vehicle to help them prepare for that new stage of their lives.

[Pictures from above are from Berkeley Country Club short game area. This place is just at the villa’s backyard from where your daughters will stay. It is one of the biggest advantages I saw from the program].

And this is where your daughters will be staying at. You can see how the driving range and short game area are just behind their home.

Another reason for it is because G2 can guarantee as high as a 90% chances to help your daughter get a college scholarship. They have professionals in the team that specialize on this and have done it for many years. So not only will they prepare them mentally, physically and golf wise, but they will also deal with all the paperwork and logistics to make sure you daughter has the best chance to get that scholarship. I believe there are organizations that do this for a living, however G2 literally sets your daughter up to be able to be seen by coaches at strategic golf events and help them get structured for the demanding college schedules.

Last month I was able to check out the Academy and their practice facilities. There a future G2 golfer, Mackenzie Gallagher @kenzieegallagherand rising start happened to be practicing there with Coach Matt Fields @mattfieldspga. They were nice enough to let me tag along to ask a few questions and getting to know Mackenzie and what were the things they were working on at the range and on the golf course.

My role in the G2 academy will be as an ambassador for the brand. My idea is to be at the school to meet the girls a few times a year and have them reach out to me whenever they need. I will be sharing my valuable opinion and experiences so that the academy can make use of them to maximize the learning experience of your daughter. I will not be based on site, I will fly back and forth whenever I am needed. This will give me the flexibility to practice and work on my own golf game as well. I see the value of aligning myself with memorable institutions and brands that support my core values. And empowering women’s sport is one of MY passions.

With that being said I want to share the link of the academy for you to take a look at. CLICK HERE TO LEAR MORE ABOUT THE ACADEMY AND GOLF TRAINING PROGRAM.

I am also sharing my G2 email for you to personally reach out to me with whatever questions you may have.

There is never an absurd or silly question. Either my parents or myself probably had those same questions when we were going through the same situation. G2 offers a summer camp opportunity that goes on from June16th to August 2rd. Their full time program start on August 12th.

I would love for you to focus on starting your girl on summer camp. Get her to experience what high golf training looks like, let her be surrounded by other young female golfers training as hard as she will be. She will learn fitness routines for mobility and strength, they will teach her how to gain club head speed with their Mach 3 speed training, and will gain a lot of knowledge about leader & empowerment with their weekly women empowerment program.

I leave you guys with a SUMMER CAMP REGISTRATION FORM if you guys are interested. You will get $250 OFF. Let me know if you have any questions. I am very excited about this, about getting to know you and your kids. And hopefully the future rising starts. Yay!