G2 Girls Giving Back!

We are extremely proud of the G2 Girls, not only did they play 100 holes yesterday in honor of Support Connection - they also raised over $5000!

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The G2 Girls came together for their first ever community service project. What a legacy they have started - we are so proud of them!

The ideas, the execution and the fundraising were all completed by The G2 Girls - this was their project. They started with selecting a charity that meant something to them. They choose Support Connection. Here's why in their words:

"We have chosen to raise money for support connection because while we believe that it is important to raise awareness for breast cancer we think that it is also really important to support not only the ones going through treatments (chemotherapy and radiation) but the loved ones that need the support during these hard times. Support Connection also has volunteers that have all been through breast cancer so they know how hard it is to go through treatments and how important it is to have support throughout the whole process."

After raising over $5000 for Support Connection, yesterday the girls had a gorgeous day and completed their 100 holes. Amazing effort by all girls!

They played over five rounds in twosomes with different formats throughout the day.

Check out some of their actions shots from the day!

This morning, they were able to reflect on their day during a delicious breakfast made by Ashley.

It would be an understatement to say these girls are awesome! Their smiles are infectious, their work ethic and dedication is incredible and the friendships will last a lifetime!

We can't wait to continue to build on their legacy of giving back, their leadership and the way they empower themselves and each other!

Congratulations to our G2 Girls for making a difference in the world!