#G2Girl Spotlight - Abby Kim

Abby Kim will join the G2 Academy's inaugural class of #G2Girls in Fall 2019. She is a rising freshman from Stevenson Ranch, CA, plays to a 7 Handicap, and has placed Top 10 in 6 of 8 starts on the Southern California Junior Golf Tour this year.

Get to know Abby:

Golfer // Lydia Ko

Club in your bag // Putter

Food // Sushi

Movie // The Notebook

Inspirational Quote // “People who love to eat are always the best people.”- Julia Child

Golf Course // The Oaks

Hobbies (outside of golf) // Drawing

Animal // Llama

Number of Years Playing // 5

Practice Frequency // Every Day

Favorite Thing to Practice // Putting

Best Part of Your Game // Putting

What You Want to Improve // Ball Flight and Accuracy

Do you have any Golf superstitions?

Yes, I have to use the same tee the entire round.

Who is the biggest influence on your golf?

My mom - She continuously supports the growth and development of my golf game.

What advice would you share with young girls who are just starting to play the game?

Try not to mess up the greens and don’t give up because golf is a challenging sport and it will be difficult when you first start.

Why do you think other girls should play golf?

You meet a lot of amazing people who usually share other common interests as you.

What is your favorite thing about golf? Being able to hang out with friends