#G2Girl Spotlight - Ashley Chow

Ashley Chow will join the G2 Academy's inaugural class of #G2Girls in Fall 2019. She is a rising senior from Toronto, Ontario, CA.

Get to know Ashley:

Golfer // Brooke Henderson

Club in your bag // Depends on the Day!

Food // Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

Movie // Crazy Rich Asians

Inspirational quote // “Of all the hazards, fear is the worst” - Sam Snead

Golf Course // Tobacco Road

Hobbies (outside of golf) // Dance and Baking

Animal // Mulligan my Dog

Do you have any Golf superstitions?

I don't like full socks and I won't wear a full hat... Gotta be a visor or Bucket hat with socklets!

Who is the biggest influence on your golf?

My dad

What advice would you share with young girls who are just starting to play the game?

Stay positive there will be good and bad days,... It’s a rollercoaster ride...

Competitors to #G2Girls - Ffion Tynan and Ashley Chow, Dec. 2016 at the CJGA World Junior Challenge

Why do you think other girls should play golf?

It’s a great game that challenges you... you get to meet a lot of people, travel the world and you're outside enjoying nature... it's also an individual sport where you control your own destiny!

What has been your favorite golf moment?

Shooting 84 my first summer of golf to get a Dog!