#G2Girl Spotlight - Fatima Rizvi

Fatima Rizvi will join the G2 Academy's inaugural class of #G2Girls in Fall 2019. She is 13 years old, originally from India but currently living with her family in Dubai.

Get to know Fatima:

Golfer// Dustin Johnson 

Club// 7 iron

Food// Tandoori 

Movie// Endgame (MCU) 

Inspirational quote// "Don’t let the world change your smile, let your smile change the world!"

Golf course// Emirates golf club 

Hobbies// Reading, Music, Suduko, and Creative Writing. 

Animal// Cheetah

Do you have any golf superstitions?


Who is your biggest influence in your golf?

My Dad

What advice would you share with young golfers who are just starting to play?

Golf is a great game - enjoy it and you will play your best

Why do you think other girls should play golf?

I think girls should play golf because of how similar it is to life, it will give them the confidence that they can overcome any obstacle whether it’s in life or golf.

What is your favorite golf moment?

When I had a hole in one, in a tournament-  with my Dad caddying for me.