It's not about the boys.

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Being a girls only golf academy isn’t about the boys.

We aren’t saying no boys. We are saying it's about the girls.

It’s 100% about the girls.

It’s about teaching girls, teaching them golf, empowerment and leadership skills.

Girls need to know, they own their future, and we teach them it’s about being your best, not anyone else’s version of your best.

It’s about girls knowing they’re all on the same team, to learn and support each other and compete with each other so everyone gets better.

This is how college golf works. The G2 Academy wants to teach that foundation to our students.

G2 is focused on empowering young women to be leaders. We're focused on allowing young women to achieve their goals. We want their success to be on the golf course, and into the other areas of their lives.

G2 is about a program designed for girls. We want them to get the most out of their training. We’re giving them the right tools they need to succeed.

Our mission is simple, it's to provide a comprehensive program designed to build well-rounded young women ready for the rigors of college golf and the challenges presented to this new generation of female leaders.

It’s all about the girls at G2. It's not about the boys.