BLUFFTON, SC: The G2 Academy is pleased to announce elite junior golf instructor, Dan Jackson, as Lead Performance Coach for the Academy. Jackson brings over 15 years of experience, a wealth of performance training knowledge, and an unrivaled resume in junior golf training. As Lead Performance Coach, Jackson will be responsible for the development and performance of each of the players at the G2, working very closely with the students on improving all areas of their game and educating them on becoming self-sufficient elite players.

“I am extremely excited and fortunate to join G2 Academy,” says Dan Jackson, “Along with the elite team of professionals that G2 has created, on both the golf and administration side, all geared towards helping the player, and the beautiful facilities, I can’t wait to start working with the girls and helping them achieve their goals.”

Jackson brings his specifically designed and efficient training program, “Levels of Competence”, to the G2 Proprietary Training Program. During the training program at G2, the players are fully engaged constantly improving and retaining new skills they are learning to master. He is fully versed in Rapsodo, Trackman, Swing Catalyst, BodiTrak, Blast Motion, and K-Motion and will be implementing the latest technology to maximize the training of every aspiring college golfer who attends The G2 Academy.

“Dan’s addition to our skilled Performance Team and his training development program will help our girls continue to win tournaments and prepare for college golf,” states G2 Founder and CEO, Ray Travaglione, “I am confident his ability to provide an elite training program that will continue to build upon the strong system we have created, ensuring each student is given all of the tools they need to reach the goals they aspire to.”

Travaglione is no stranger to junior golf, he successfully founded The International Junior Golf Academy, International Junior Golf Tour and Heritage Academy in 1995, growing the program to 150 students in 2007, when he then sold the companies. “Two years ago, I knew I wanted to return to junior golf, I am proud of what we have built at G2, the first junior golf academy exclusively for Girls. Adding Dan to the team continues to elevate our training. We have a lot of exciting things happening and are continuing to invest in the success of our students.” states Travaglione.

The G2 Academy finished their successful inaugural year with 5 wins and 10 runner-up finishes from G2 girls. Jackson looks forward to adding to that success, “I am excited to be at G2 and we look forward to continue producing the tournament results that showcase the talent and hard work of our girls.”

Dan Jackson will oversee golf operations for the summer, custom, group, and full-time training programs at The G2 Academy. “The addition of Jackson to our team adds another level to our program. Now is an important time for aspiring college golfers to receive the tournament experience and training they need to achieve their goals and G2 can help them get there,” says G2 COO, Ryley Hendry.

Applications for the full-time boarding program are still be accepted for Fall 2020, in addition to limited availability for Summer Camp. International students will be able to stay on campus all year long, allowing them to stay at G2 from the time of arrival in August through the school year to minimize the risk imposed by international travel.

About The G2 Academy: The G2 Academy is the only junior golf boarding academy exclusively for young women. G2 provides a competitive, distraction-free environment where it’s all about the girls. G2’s mission is to empower girls to own their future and prepare them for the rigors of collegiate and professional golf. G2 offers full-time boarding, summer camp, custom training, and team/group programs.

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