The New Rules of Golf - 2019

The new rules of golf were implemented in January, here's what to know to make sure you are following the rules in your next competition!

Here's your Quick Guide to the Top 20 Rules Changes you need to know:

Dropping - you now drop from knee height rather than shoulder.

Search Time - moved from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.

Flagstick - putting with the flagstick in the hole is now permitted.

Pace of Play - "Ready golf" is encouraged and players are allowed 40 seconds per shot.

Repairing Greens - all damage can now be repaired.

Measuring a Drop - must use longest club in your bag (except putter).

Ball in motion - if the ball unintentionally hits a player or equipment - no penalty.

Double Hit - no penalty, counts as one shot.

Bunker - touching sand in bunker incidentally is permitted.

Dropping out of a Bunker - 2 penalty strokes.

Loose Impediments - can be removed anywhere including hazards.

Touching Ground - in a penalty area no penalty (water hazards now called penalty area).

Alignment - Positioning a club for alignment is not permitted and also a caddie can no longer align their player.

Ball and Flagstick - a ball wedged against a flagstick and side of the hole is deemed as holed.

For further description on the rule changes - click here to visit USGA