Troy Mullins Joins Friends of G2

The G2 Academy is teaming up with Troy Mullins to support the mission of empowering female junior golfers through a program designed specifically for them. Mullins joins G2 to support the first all-girls junior golf boarding academy’s mission of creating a female-centric environment for elite junior golfers to train while teaching empowerment and leadership off the course.

The 2017 World Long Drive Mile High Shootout winner, Mullins, sets herself apart from other prolific faces in the golf industry. Mullins graduated from Cornell where she majored in China-Asia Pacific studies and International Relations while competing as a heptathlete for the Track and Field team. She took up golf after a friend introduced her and started homeschooling and tutoring to fund her golf dreams. “Her path is not traditional, but she embodies the hard work and passion that G2 wishes to pass on as we pursue development of the next generation of female leaders through golf,” says G2 Founder and CEO, Ray Travaglione, “She is an incredible role model for the next generation of female golfers and leaders.”

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Through the partnership, Mullins will play an active role in mentoring The G2 Academy students and helping deserving young women receive scholarships to the academy through the Girls Golf Charitable Foundation (501c3).

“I am proud to be associated with G2 and support the female centric training program that is long overdue for female junior golfers,” Mullins states, “The opportunity to have an impact on young girls pursuing their dreams excites me and hopefully I can be a part of helping them achieve their goals on and off the golf course.”

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