Become a Partner/Recruiter of The G2 Academy

The G2 Academy is selective in our recruitment partners.  The ideal partner/recruiter shares in our values of empowerment and leadership.   They believe in the girls only model as it pertains to growth and development of the G2 students.

Click here to view the G2 Partnership Information Booklet.


Why work with The G2 Academy?

We believe in what we do - making a difference in young girls lives - helping them own their future.

We take pride in the care and development of our young women

the G2 system for golf training, leadership and empowerment truly prepares girls for the rigors of college golf and the challenges facing the new generation of leaders.

We deliver what is promised.

What is expected from a G2 Academy Partner?

G2 recruiters/partners should have strong communication skills.

Brand ambassador for The G2 Academy - clear and accurate representation is expected from our partners/recruiters when communicating with prospects on G2's behalf.

Locate viable potential student-athletes that are a good fit for the G2 Program.

The G2 Academy is identifying partner/recruiter in strategic areas throughout the world.  We are seeking those who are invested in the growth and development of young women.   For more information, please complete the form below and a team member from The G2 Academy will be in touch.

Become a partner/recruiter of The G2 Academy

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