Why the excitement about the G2 Academy?

Being the first of its kind as a Girls Only Junior Golf Boarding Academy - we are pleased to have the support  of industry leaders, professional athletes and those in the know!


Suzy Whaley

The PGA of America's first female president.

Kelly’s tenure at IJGA, in Hilton Head, SC, was instrumental in her ability to receive a college scholarship at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and elevated her skills with the goal of playing professional golf. Our family was so pleased with her tenure there and I recommend it highly to any family looking for a golf academy that delivers on all aspects including, golf skills, fitness, bio-mechanics, mental strategy, an overall wellness. This new platform, G2, solely for girls, and founded by Ray Travaglione, the same owner as IJGA, is designed to shape the future generation of female golfers.

Jason Day

Former World #1 PGA Tour Player.   16 Career professional wins.

As a father of a young girl, I am thrilled to see a new and innovative Academy designed for girls. I’m optimistic this will help pave the way for female student athletes to succeed on the course and in life. My own academy experience in Australia served me well as a dedicated junior golfer and helped to shape the player and person I am today. Congratulations on your endeavor Ray. I wish you the best.

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Mark Messier

6 time Stanley Cup Champion.  One of the greatest NHL players of all time.

When I learned that Ray Travaglione was developing a new girls only golf academy I immediately thought of my own 13-year-old daughter and the lack of choices that are available to her. Without a doubt, the G2 Academy expands the educational and golfing possibilities for all young girls.

Ray was the founder of the IJGA and the IJGT, both were incredibly successful under his leadership. The G2 Academy will offer similar principles to achieve success but this time solely focused on young female athletes. It will be a safe place where our girls will thrive as they learn and grow in a proven educational and athletic model.

Academics, sports and leadership have been the staples of Ray’s success. G2 will take that tradition to the next level, and I wish Ray all the best in this important new endeavor.

Keith Brooking

Former NFL Pro Bowl Player, Played for Atlanta Falcons, Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos.   Played College Football at Georgia Tech.

Ray Travaglione was an innovator in the golf boarding school space having founded the IJGA and IJGT. He is now pioneering another program that is specifically designed to help develop the next generation of female golfers, the G2 Academy. As a father of young girls, I applaud new opportunities that will focus on female empowerment and leadership as well as golf. 

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