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Young women deserve the same opportunities as young men. G2’s mission is to level the playing field.

The G2  Academy provides a competitive, distraction-free environment where it’s all about the girls. G2’s Proprietary Training Program is designed to help female junior golfers achieve their goals. In addition to success on the course, G2’s mission is to empower girls to own their future. We are developing the next generation of female leaders, providing the training and skills they need to win in golf and in the world outside of golf. At The G2 Academy, female junior golfers are surrounded by girls who share their dedication and passion for the game, in addition to a team of coaches who provide the instruction and tools needed to achieve their ambitions. The girls-only training environment at G2 removes all of the barriers that have inhibited girls in golf, allowing them to reach their full potential.


G2 Founder and CEO, Ray Travaglione, founded the first program that combined golf, academics and tournament competition for junior golfers. The students came from around the world to train in his program to reach their goals of playing college and professional golf. 


The G2 Team has helped over 1000 players earn college golf scholarships. We have a history of success that is beyond reproach and take pride in the achievements of our past students. 


The G2 Academy created the opportunity for elite female junior to maximize their potential and achieve their goals surrounded by a team of instructors and staff, invested in G2 Girls’ future successes. 


The G2 Performance Team is made up of experts in golf instruction, mental training, fitness, college placement, and the leadership development of young women. G2 Girls have an experienced and knowledgeable support network guiding them on their path to success. 


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