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The G2 Academy model is female centric maximizes effectiveness by providing a holistic approach that includes all training disciplines including golf, mental training, fitness, nutrition, college placement, leadership development, and empowerment. This single gender program provides an atmosphere for learning that is focused and minimizes distractions so expectations become achievable.

The program at G2 encompasses all aspects of training to maximize success and achieve expectations.   The students receive world class training in golf, academics, mental toughness, physical fitness, nutrition and leadership.  Unlike your traditional Academy, G2 is designed specifically for girls empowering them for their future success.

G2 Academy students and coaches create individual training performance plans for the students to maximize their competition results and prepare them for junior and college golf.   They will practice to play and emulate competition shots during their training program.   Their training plan will utilize state of the art technology, when needed, and game like training practice sessions as The G2 Academy believes in and focuses on performance based training.  

As we know, no two swings are alike; the students will maintain and continue to build the foundations of an effective golf swing as well as build on their areas of strength to maximize performance. Further, course management is a large focus of the training program as the students learn to perform out on the course.

Each student and their coach will create a competitive tournament schedule to match their goals and build their resume as they work towards the next step in their game.

 Golf Training Program