The G2 Academy team has the knowledge, experience and passion to uphold the mission of G2 Academy - to provide an effective training model for young females in all components as golf, while simultaneously empowering them into the next generation of leaders.


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Ray Travaglione

Rebecca Kerry

Ryley Hendry

Skylar Jewell

Dan Jackson

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Ray Travaglione founded the International Junior Golf Academy ( IJGA ) and the International Junior Golf Tour ( IJGT ) they provided a platform for thousands of junior golfers to receive scholarships to colleges and universities since 1997. Ray has always been motivated by doing meaningful things that make a difference in peoples lives thus he left a thriving Wall Street career to pursue his passion, helping student athletes achieve their goals. Ray started the first privately owned year round boarding school for student athletes, the IJGA,  subsequently he began a junior tour, the IJGT to provide a venue for competition for his students as well as junior golfers from around the country and the world. Next Ray started a middle and high school, the Heritage Academy, whose mission was to provide an accredited academic program in an abbreviated schedule so students could train daily in the sport of their choice. Over 95% of Heritage Academy students received scholarships to college.

Ray Travaglione - Founder


Ray stepped away from the junior golf boarding school business in 2010 to start a program for obese youngsters, he wanted to help these teens find a path to a healthy lifestyle. The program, MindStream Academy gained national attention and played a part in turning the tide on childhood obesity as well as saving many lives. Ray decided he wanted to go back into the junior golf space, identified a niche and has created a program that is solely focused on the specific needs of training young female athletes, the G2 Academy.


Ray is married to his wife Terry of 38 years, has two sons, Taylor and Matthew, daughter in law Natalie and an amazing two year old granddaughter, Olivia. Ray's passion for life, sports and family is evident in all he does.

Ryley Hendry

Ryley Hendry grew up playing competitive golf in Canada before receiving a full golf scholarship to the University of New Mexico where she competed for four years, earning All American recognition.

Ryley graduated with a Master's in Sports Administration before moving to Hilton Head Island where she spent 14 years in the Junior Golf Academy industry.   Throughout her time in the industry, Ryley has been involved with various responsibilities as she helped grow and develop the Academy program.   She is keen to begin assisting the students of G2 Academy with their growth, development and achieving their goals.   Junior golf is a passion of Ryley's and she enjoys watching the students as they progress from junior golf to college golf and beyond.  Her mission is have a positive and transformational impact on their lives.  


Ryley lives in Bluffton, SC with her husband Joel and her two daughters, Effie and Milly.  They enjoy all things sports, outdoor activities, traveling and spending time with family and friends.


Dan Jackson

Lead Performance Coach

After turning professional in his early twenties, Dan Jackson’s passion for competing was eclipsed by his desire to help others. He began his career in coaching with the United Kingdom National Team Coaches, then moved on to work with David Leadbetter and his academies in Austria, Germany, and the Worldwide Junior Headquarters in Florida. Since then, Dan has continued to work with elite players preparing them for life as a collegiate player and on professional tours throughout the world.

"I’ve trained many adults and professional golfers but what really excites me is preparing young athletes to become proficient in the gym, developing an enjoyment for physical activity, and a deep understanding of how the body works during the golf swing" states Jackson. "Along with the elite team of professionals that G2 has created, on both the golf and administration side, all geared towards helping the player, and the beautiful facilities and town of Bluffton/Hilton Head."


Jackson is responsible for the development and performance of each of the players at the Academy. He works very closely with the students on improving all areas of their game and educating them on becoming self-sufficient elite players.  


Fully versed in Rapsodo Trackman, Swing Catalyst (Ground Force Reaction), BodiTrak, Blast Motion, K-Motion (3D Analysis software).

Within the training program players will go through a specifically designed training program that will incorporate all these phases. It creates an environment where there is no wasted time within training. Players are fully engaged and are constantly improving and retaining new skills that they are learning to master. This system is called the Levels of Competence and was designed by Jackson in combination with his research into player development within his MS.c and based on 15 years of coaching.


Rebecca Kerry

Golf Performance Team

Rebecca joined the G2 Academy Performance Team, as she continues to learn and develop her skills and apply her knowledge and experience in competitive golf. Rebecca is currently a Level 3 Apprentice in the LPGA Teaching Program, working towards the LPGA Certification. She played 4 years of golf at Saint Francis College, then interned for the AJGA in 2014-2015 before starting her teaching career at RedTail Golf Center in Beaverton, OR. She has been a Tournament Director for the Peggy Kirk Bell Golf Tour since 2018 in addition to teaching at the Robert Linville Precision Golf School, while continuing to work towards her goal of becoming an LPGA certified professional. 

Skylar Jewell

Mental Performance Coach

For over 7 years Skylar has been a leader in junior golf performance, specializing in preparing students to be aware, accountable, and resilient in route to college and beyond. Originally from Maryland, after receiving his Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology Skylar moved to Florida to work in performance psychology serving as the Director of Mental Performance Training at Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy. Skylar then joined the IJGA (International Junior Golf Academy) as the Director of Mental Performance. Taking the knowledge he has gathered from working alongside industry experts and with students from various tours, ability levels, and +25 different countries, Skylar currently works with the G2 Academy, a Full-time all girls academy in Bluffton, SC and additionally coaches players remotely world-wide. Bringing an upbeat and determined attitude, Skylar is passionate about measurable progress and making a difference in the world through empowering others.