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  • Small Class Sizes

  • AP Classes

  • International students

G2 Academy has proudly partnered with prestigious Schools in Bluffton, SC for an exceptional educational experience for the students.  

The partner schools have an excellent reputation for the educational development of students.   They boast small classes, rigorous academics, various enrichment courses, offering ESL, AP classes and College Preparation to the students.   

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College Placement

  • Finding the best fit for our Students!

Finding the best fit school for our Students is vital to the college placement process. G2 works with students from start to finish on the college placement process. Through resume development, school research,  communication outreach plan,  college visits and final decision, G2 is with students every step of the way as they find the best school for their next steps.  With G2's background in Women's College Golf placement, we are confident in finding the best school for each student.

Mental Training

  • Learn

  • Apply

  • Integrate

  • Engage

  • Envolve

The mental training program is a powerful mindset training geared specifically to young female athletes.  Though focus is on the golf mental game, the knowledge and strategies learned will create essential high performance habits to use now and in the future in other areas of performance.   The G2 Mental training program experience is a combination of engaging and interactive classroom sessions, one-on-one mental training sessions, on-course mental game drills and challenges and integration of mental performance into coaching and on-course experiences.

Fitness Training

  • All around fitness training

  • Designed for Females

  • Golf specific

Being a champion junior golfer takes discipline, the fitness training program at The G2 Academy provides students a program that focuses on core strength, flexibility, endurance and strength all designed for the female student-athlete.   Completely designed for females and to help them achieve their success on the course, while maintaining an athletic fitness routine.   


  • Balanced Meals

  • Education

Eating a well balanced diet helps our female student-athletes with their focus, their energy levels and their endurance.   They will be served well balanced meal selections at breakfast, lunch and dinner, and they will also learn why eating the right foods will help them on the course.  Food plays a big role in focus, mood and endurance.  The students will have the knowledge and power of knowing what is best for their performance, their growth and development.


Girl Life

  • Residential Housing

  • Safety and Security

  • Community involvement

Life outside of golf and school involve living in a supervised, safe and secure environment.  Students have fully scheduled days between school, golf and fitness training but during their off time, the G2 Academy student life team will make sure they have everything they need, from target to doctors visits, the Residential life team provide a strong mentoring and supervisory role for the female students.   They are their parents away from home and provide the care, structure and encouragement to make them feel at home!   

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